Donations for Burma

Who we are

We are absolutely normal people, no organisation, no club no nothing. Maybe a bunch of friends streched over Europe, Australia, America and now Burma. We met on sailing voyages and some of us travel together since 30 years.

In early 2007 some of us spent a month first in Burma (officially called Myanmar), then in Thailand. At this occasion we met Aung as our local guide, not only translating and organizing, also explaining his country and the people living there. He indeed admirably managed only to say the things that would be required by his government, still explaining what we are not allowed neither to see nor to think.

Aung and Ted

We kept in loose contact and weren't astonished to learn instantly after the cyclone Nargis Aung went off to help the people hit by the storm. In the meantime, we collected ideas and money, so when he came back after several weeks, we had a little pile of money to present. Indeed, more people took part in the meantime, so the former Burma travellers are a minority by now, outnumbered by a bunch of friends, relatives and business partners who liked the idea and donated their share, too.

school kids in Burma Anyway, on the Burma side there are some great guys doing the real work. We do not know all their names and faces yet, and can't be sure at the moment they would like to get exposed. But if we can, we will introduce them, too.