Donations for Burma

What can we promise?

Ye As mentioned before: We are no organization and do not intend to become one. We are not supervised by anyone and were not keen to get involved in such a project. Normally we do it like most other people, too: we decide something somewhere deserves our support. Then we find a trustworthy organization like UNESCO or who ever and do trust everything goes the way it's supposed to. But this time, the normal, official way is no good.

This time, everything was different. We had a beautiful holiday in a country that is not easy to travel. We kept in loose contact with the people we met. And now a big disaster approached, so big that no country in the world could deal with it all alone. And even worse, suddenly all routines fail, suddenly the big organisations are not only helpless regaring the powers of nature, they also are regarding the bureaucracy rejecting them absolutely. No foreign help was allowed in the country. And suddenly - most surprised - we found ourselves able to do things big authorities do not have. Our friends can travel the country, they do not need visa, nothing. They have a chance to get their supplies of money, goods, services and informatioon from Thailand on the other hand side. Everything it takes is there, everything could be done. It only should not stop at the "could".

The original idea was to donate seeds or temporary houses. But according to Aung, that's not the problem. People do find a way to help themselves. But the public infrastructure, i.e. schools, is a bit out of focus. The people have their own problems, the government does not care. So we took over the job. We are going to rebuild the school.