Donations for Burma

How did the donation reach the people of Burma?

What was left from the old school

The proceedings were designed as cheap as possible. Aung lives near the Thailand border and keeps the contact to his friends in Burma. On site there are Burmese people who went to help long before we came into the game. In fact, we came somewhat late, as we couldn't get contact to Aung, when he was in Burma himself.

That's why we do not donate food or anything like this. These problems are on their way to get solved. Certainly not in a perfect way, but bearable. We, the ones living far from Burma, are only the ones with the money. We did not make decisions of what to do with it. We asked for advice and suggestion and then did what the people onsite felt would be best. The first idea was to donate for seeds and houses, but the first chunk of money was enough to make the friends change their minds.

This is, what Aung wrote:
"He told me one of his opinion. There is one village near Ma-U-Bin town, have 74 students of primary school. But the school was blow by Nargis, so now the student have no place to study and they are waiting for government fund but after one month of Nargis, nothing fund for that school was arrived.
So, it is very nice if you want to use your money for that school. Around 3 millions kyats can get a quite nice school and can use it for 3-4 years for the students."

The temporary school

For a while, there was a temporary school like this. We thought, this should not be the way to prepare the children for their future. A future much better than the live of their parents is. Education is the best support we can give.

The money was transferred in two chunks and the new school is finished. Have a look at it!