Donations for Burma
The new school of Pound Kine


Now, the 380 souls village Pound Kine near Ma-ubin again has a school for the future of their children. Again, it's the place for 1 teacher educating 68 students. For a couple of months, children had a lot of time off, due to the damages of hurricane Nargis. Now their teacher called them back for learning in a suitable place.


Grade Boys Girls
One 10 8
Two 13 8
Three 7 2
Four 6 5
Five 5 4

Previous situation

On site, there was Win Ko, speaking good English and keeping the contact with us. This is what he wrote:

May I explain the situation about Ma-u-bin region. It's was destroyed by Nagis on 2nd May but the Gov..didn't enroll. So the people who live around Ma-u-bin area don't get any International help and the local donation. They really need for our help. So we are trying to help them. Many villages around it were destroyed by Nagis. Most of the people who live in villages weren't educated. So they don't know how to keep their health, education and etc...

The name of the village which will rebuild is Pound Kine Village. We have to go three hours by car from Yangon to Maubin and then one hour to Pin Taw by boat and then one and half hours to Pound Kine by small boat. All of the area of village are covered by water. They all are Paddy Farmers.

The population are over 390. 76 houses are in this village. 68 students are studying, The primary school isn't owned Gov... It's a private school. There is only one teacher. The people from village have to collect the money for the salary of the teacher.(...)

Their school was broken due to Nagis. They can't rebuild cause they are really poor. So thank a lots to you for help to them.


in Pound Kine, district of Ma-u-bin, Myanmar, after hurricane Nargis

The steps done

June 31, 2008 Transfer of 3,200 US$ to Thailand
July 9, 2008 Change to 106,944 Thai Baht
July 11, 2008 3,547,000 Kyat arrive at the building team
July 13, 2008 Beginning to rebuilt the school in the village of Pound Kine
July 30, 2008 Due to monsoon rains, the transportation of material must pause
August 14, 2008 The building material arrives on site. See pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
August 23, 2008 The school takes shape! 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
After the main task done, about 600 US$ still were required. We kept collecting money amongst our friends.
November 6, 2008 Collection finished! 645 US$ again travel to Thailand, as this is the recommended way to forward it to Burma.
December 24, 2008 Job done! The school returns to it's business. See pictures from outside (20, 21, sign board), inside (22, 23), the teacher (25) and the children (24, 27).

Now the work is done, we can be proud of a really good co-operation of several people from several countries. Most of them did not met before and probably never will. It was Burmese doing the hard part of the work, partly operating from Thailand. Then, there were people from the UK, Australia, US, Ireland, Austria and Germany donating money and putting it on the fragile chain of trust between people. And now we see it can work. Now, it's up to the people of the village of Pound Kine again, to do with it what will be best for their future and the future of their children. We will keep thinking of them and hope, our support helped them on their way to a better life.
To me, this is one of the main benefits of this action: We do not need to sit infront of the TV complaining that life is bad and one cannot do a thing. Well, sometimes, one can! We all have different possibilities and talents. This time, I felt it was my turn. Next time, it may be yours. Go ahead. There's nothing good, unless you do it.